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Important Update: Vendor Funded Gift Cards


Last Updated: January 1, 2023


We have made many improvements to the Vendor Funded Gift Card program in 2022 because we understand how beneficial offering incentives for reviews is. As we prepare for 2023, we want to take the time to include all the Vendor Funded Gift Card updates in one place.

Transition to Rewards Link

We are happy to announce a very important update to our Vendor Funded Gift Card Program. Starting December 21st, in addition to Visa USD Gift Cards (which will only be available in select countries), we will be shifting to Rewards Link redemptions for Vendor Funded & Gartner Funded Gift Cards.


During this transitional period there will be a pause on gift card distribution for any reviewer who selects any non-USD currency. The pause is anticipated to end in mid-January.


What is Rewards Link?


Rewards Link is a product offered by Tango Card – which provides a web link that lets recipients choose from the most popular gift-card brands and is the easiest way to reward and incentivize your reviewers. Utilizing this product allows us to provide Rewards Links, broken down by Country, with different gift card redemption options based on the country selection. Each countries’ Rewards Link will have a currency, native to that country i.e., United States in USD, Mexico in Pesos, etc. When redeeming the Rewards Link it will provide the currency it is redeemable in.


How does Rewards Link work?

  1. The reviewer will select their incentive choice (Gift Card, Charity Donation, etc.) when selecting their incentive and they will choose the Currency (USD, Euro, etc.)
    • If the currency is available in multiple countries i.e., Euro, the reviewer will be prompted to choose what Country they want to receive Rewards Link for.
    • Reviewers with USD, INR & CAD currencies will still be able to select a Visa Gift Card option in that currency instead of Rewards Link.
  2. Once review is approved, we send the reviewer their designated Reward Link. This will be based off the selection the reviewer makes.

  4. Recipient chooses from 100+ Digital gift card options (options will vary based off country/currency selected).

    • Users also can break down their $25 Gift Card incentive into multiple gift cards equaling the $25 limit.

What countries and currencies is Rewards Link currently available in?


(Click hyperlinks below to see available gift cards for each country selection)


Rewards Link is currently available in 31 different countries and 26 different currencies.


Important Information regarding Currency Exchange Rates:


As we can only issue Rewards Links in whole dollar amounts & with different currencies and fluctuating exchange rates, we will issue the reviewer the nearest whole dollar in their currency that is the equivalent of $25 USD. Different currency selections from reviewers will result in charges to the vendor Tango Account that may be above the $25 USD amount.


What will happen during the gift card pause?


Individuals who submit a review will be notified of this pause upon submission of a review . Reviewers will receive a confirmation email for their review that will inform them of the pause and that they will not be receiving their gift card immediately.



Upon completion of the transition, the Gartner Peer Insights team will retroactively distribute gift cards to the individuals whose submitted reviews were approved during the pause. Please provide time for this transition to occur. Gift Cards will be distributed sometime in mid-January.

Additional Improvements to the Gift Card Program

We have also recently announced two more improvements to our Vendor Funded Gift Card program. Vendors have previously been informed of these changes, however, we wanted to combine all Gift Card improvements into one post.


If you have any questions, please reach out to your aligned Program Manager or contact