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How to Utilize Gartner Peer Insights Badges


Last Updated: July 2022


As of July 2022, Gartner Peer Insights offers two unique digital badges that allow the vendors who have received them to share online in a way that is simple, trusted, and verifiable. Our Customer First and Customers’ Choice programs are two distinctions with badge recognitions that are eligible to be marketed and shared by vendors.


Vendors can leverage these badges to help influence additional engagement, reach new audiences, and amplify your brand!


Ready to get started? We’ve put together all of the program details and steps to learn more about the badges and their differences here:


Customers’ Choice Distinction



You’ve seen the gold Customers’ Choice badge on Twitter, LinkedIn, and websites of other companies, and you’re wondering, how do I get this too? Read on to learn more about the highly coveted Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice badge:


How do I become eligible for Customer’s Choice?


Customers’ Choice is a distinction offered by Peer Insights based on results of the Voice of Customer. The “Voice of the Customer” is a peer content report that applies a methodology to aggregated Gartner Peer Insights’ reviews in a market to provide an overall perspective for IT decision makers. This aggregated peer perspective, along with the individual detailed reviews, is complementary to expert-generated research such as Magic Quadrants and Market Guides. Read more about Voice of Customer here.



Vendors are named “Customers’ Choice” when they are placed in the top right quadrant. This means that they are above market average in User Interest and Adoption and Overall Rating. When a vendor is placed in the top right quadrant they then can utilize the Customers’ Choice distinction and badge.


Things to consider for the Voice of the Customer inclusion and Customers’ Choice: distinction

  • Be informed on Voice of Customer publication timelines.
  • Source Reviews – The Voice of Customer document relies on information provided by reviewers. Consider consistently sourcing reviews to aid in your standings in the Voice of Customer. Create a Sourcing Link.
  • Consider the Voice of the Customer Methodology – Important things to consider when sourcing reviews are Review Volume, Willingness to Recommend, and Review Market Coverage.
  • Understand the Review Eligibility and Weight – A vendor becomes eligible for Voice of Customer when it has 20 or more eligible reviews during the submission period. Eligible reviews for the “Voice of Customer” are: Submitted within the 18-month period specified in the “Voice of Customer” Document, Submitted by end users of companies with >50M in annual revenue, Reviews for actively sold products (legacy products not considered). Please note that vendor partner reviews are not considered in the ratings calculations for VOC.

There is also a possibility for Segmented Views within the Voice of Customer publication.



These results feature Customers’ Choice vendors for the designated segment. In response to end-users’ desire to evaluate solutions based on specific attributes of their organization, such as industry, company size, or deployment region, Gartner Peer Insights now provides analyses for those categories where there was sufficient review volume. See more within the Voice of the Customer Methodology.



Customer First Program


When customers come to Gartner Peer Insights, they are looking for reviews that reflect real experiences and honest feedback. Technology providers and end-users are relying on our published reviews to be trustworthy in order to help support their decision to invest in your products and deliverables. All feedback received, both positive and negative, are extremely valuable and we are committed to accepting these reviews to solidify that Peer Insights will deliver credible and unbiased data.


The Gartner Peer Insights Customer First Program involves your organizational commitment to valuing all customer feedback in exchange for an exclusive Customer First badge and Readership Analytics. This program shows your customers that you are unbiased toward any reviews, are open to any and all feedback, and most importantly it helps build trust. Are you ready to make the commitment?



Advantages of the Customer First Badge?


Marketing Boost


When you join the program, you can display the badge across your marketing channels. Not only will your badge be showcased on your Peer Insights profile, but it will also appear with your listings on Gartner Peer Insights so that all of your customers can see your commitment to valuing all customer feedback.



Readership Analytics


Once you have earned the badge, and have at least 25+ published reviews in the past year from your review sourcing links, you will receive access to unique readership insights through our Readership Analytics. Readership Analytics give you exclusive access to real-time data on how buyers view your products and markets. This will enable you to do the following and more:


  • View readers interest and trend over time allowing you to tailor your marketing strategies based on areas you may be excelling in or falling short
  • Understand your positioning through market benchmarking and discover the countries and demographics your review readers are from
  • Turn qualitative, structured feedback into actionable plans across your marketing and sales team

How to Join the Customer First Program:


1. Host your Marketing Widget


Access the Technology Provider Tools Portal to generate a customer marketing widget and host it on your publicly accessible website prominently on a page that both customers and prospects would visit. Most insert the widget on their homepage, product-specific page, customer feedback, or about us pages. Widgets are available in 3 different sizes and 2 default themes that you are able to customize the look and feel of your website.



Please reach out to your Program Manager or email us at for approvals on customized widgets before making it live on your website. If your developer’s need assistance, don’t worry we have you covered! Please view the Guide for Developers.


All steps to host and customize your widget, widget guidelines, guidance for developers, etc. can be found within our widget User Guide.


2. Submit the Program Agreement Form


Have a senior-level decision maker submit the Customer First Program Agreement Form to request to join the Customer First Program for your organization. Within the form, we ask you to submit the proof of the widget integration, and participation details, like how you are programmatically asking all customers for a review on Gartner Peer Insights for our team to review. After you submit, it takes our team approximately 2-10 business days to review and accept you into the program.


3. Solicit 25 Reviews in a Market


Source 25+ reviews in a market from your Review Sourcing Links in the last 12 month to unlock your Readership Analytics exclusive to the Customer First Program participation.


Next Steps to Leverage Peer Insights Badges in Marketing Promotions:


We know how important it is to leverage the insight from Peer Insights within your marketing materials. Once you are eligible for either badge you can create materials that align with the Content Compliance Policy. We have provided Social Media Branding Kitsand templates for your use.


Once the promotional materials are drafted you will then submit them for approval by our Content Compliance Team via the online form. Please ensure all materials are submitted in an editable format.



Further questions? Please reach out to your aligned Program Manager or contact