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Guide to Replying to a Review


Last Updated: August 2021


As a vendor on Gartner Peer Insights, you recognize the important role reviews play in an end-user’s software buying journey. Any time you ask your customers for their honest feedback, you are going to get a variety of responses back. These positive – and sometimes negative – reviews help you understand your customer base and build credibility with prospective buyers. While negative reviews are never ideal, these reviews can provide you as the vendor with a unique opportunity to showcase your customer service experience.


We allow vendors to reply to reviews in a respectful manner with the goal of opening up a line of communication with the reviewer in order to address issues. The Gartner Peer Insights team has the final discretion to publish your reply. If you would like to reply to a review, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Ensure replies are genuine and address any concerns: We recommend personalizing your replies so your customer feels like their feedback is valued. Avoid canned or defensive responses.
  • Include an easy “ask” in your reply: This is your opportunity to invite customers to connect with you offline to resolve their issue and improve their experience. Provide an email address or contact information in your reply and let them know you are asking for them to take this action in order to ensure direct attention to their concerns.
  • Respond to reviews promptly: If a customer is having an issue with your product, it is important to reach out shortly after the review is published in order to have the greatest chance at customer service recovery. Replies can only be posted on reviews less than 24 months old.
  • Vendor responses to a review must be respectful and constructive: We do not allow replies to contain abusive, hateful, threatening or harassing content. Vendors may not reply to reviews with the purpose of asking a reviewer to change or remove their review.
  • No generic “thank-you” replies: Make sure you are only replying to reviews which call out an issue or negative experience. These tend to be 1-star or 2-star reviews. We will not post generic replies on all of your reviews.
  • We do not permit vendors to reply to review with upgrade offers, sales pitches, etc.: Replying to a review is meant to be a customer service recovery tool. The purpose of replying to a review is to create a connection with the customer – not sell a product.

As always, we recommend that you focus your efforts more so on collecting quality reviews than letting a couple of negative reviews derail your sourcing efforts. Quality reviews – both positive and negative – enhance your brand’s reputation with buyers and help to build your presence on Gartner Peer Insights.


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