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My customer’s review was rejected – What now?


Last Updated: January 2022


At Gartner Peer Insights, our rigorous moderation process looks to ensure that published reviews are both valid and high quality. When you are sourcing for reviews, you may have a customer reach out to say their review was not accepted – here is what to do next!


If a customer reaches out wondering why their review was not approved, vendors should immediately direct the customer to our Support Team by having the customer email or by clicking on the Contact Support button in the My Reviews section of their profile. Your Program Manager and the Review Moderation team cannot discuss the status of a review with a vendor or confirm a reviewer’s identity due to the anonymous nature of the platform.


When reviews are not approved, our Moderation team always reaches out to the reviewer with the details on why the review was not approved and the steps they can take to correct their review and resubmit for reevaluation. These details will appear on the review in the My Reviews section of their profile and they will also receive an email notification.


In the screenshot below, the reviewer needs to verify their email address in order to move the review along in the moderation process. Once they have actioned on this, the review will be resubmitted for the Moderation team to reevaluate.


Action Required: Reviewer needs to verify email address:



Email Subject: Gartner Peer Insights – Action Required to get your review published. 




In the next screenshot below, the reviewer is missing important profile information and they also need to verify their email address. Once they have taken these steps, they are able to click on the UPDATE REVIEW button and resubmit their review for reevaluation.


Action Required: Reviewer needs to provide additional details and resubmit review:



Here is what the email notification looks like:



Vendors are encouraged to leverage review sourcing links when sourcing for reviews. When a review comes in via a vendor review sourcing links, it provides our team with an additional level of validation for the review. This also makes it easier for our team to resolve any issues should one of your customers reach out to our Support team for guidance!


Next time a customer reaches out, rest assured knowing that our Support team is ready to step in and help!


For more information, please reach out to your aligned Program Manager or contact