Blog – Creating Review Sourcing Links for 1:1 Sales Outreach

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Creating Review Sourcing Links for 1:1 Sales Outreach


Last Updated: August 2021


The most successful vendors on Gartner Peer Insights execute multiple review sourcing strategies simultaneously to support year-round sourcing efforts. One of those sourcing strategies is involving your sales or customer service teams for a 1:1 personal outreach invitation to submit a review! Reviewers are more likely to act on a request to submit a review when it comes from an email address they recognize.


In order to track the success of these kinds of sourcing campaigns, we recommend creating sourcing links for the sales or customer service teams to use in their outreach efforts. There are a few things to keep in mind when launching a review sourcing campaign like this:

  • When creating sourcing links for sales teams, evaluate your internal sales organization. If your sales organization is more than 100+ individuals, we recommend creating sourcing links by team or region. Do not create 100+ individual links! If your sales organization is smaller, then creating individual links might be more feasible.
  • When making multiple links, create the link so that it displays all products and markets. This will allow your sales organization to reach out to a variety of customers with a single link and the customers can select which product they would like to review.
  • Do not create review sourcing links to track individual customer reviews. Gartner Peer Insights is a rating and reviews platform where end-users can post anonymous reviews. Any attempts by vendors to remove that anonymity from a reviewer is strictly prohibited.

Involving your sales and customer service teams in the review sourcing process can be a very successful, efficient method to generate a high volume of reviews. Make sure your sales team is educated on which customers are eligible to submit a review and why these reviews are valuable to your organization. Your Program Manager can strategically advise you on the most important things to share with your internal teams to get their buy-in and ensure an effective review sourcing campaign.


For more best practices, please contact your assigned Program Manager or email us at