Announcing Voice of the Customer Methodology Update

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Announcing Voice of the Customer Methodology Update


Last Updated: February 2021

Gartner Peer Insights continues to evolve the Voice of the Customer (VOC) methodology to better meet the needs of our end-users. 

Starting with Voice of the Customer documents published in May 2021, we will be utilizing an updated methodology to generate the results highlighted in the document. We are making two major enhancements: changing the name and calculation for the dimension known as “Review Coverage” (and depicted on the X axis of the graphic) to “User Interest and Adoption” and increasing inclusion review count. The goal is to give end-users an aggregated peer perspective more aligned to the factors they need to support their buying process. 

Through the User Interest and Adoption” dimensionend-users can get a combined view of review count, whether reviewers were willing to recommend a vendor and whether reviews were from a broad range of regions, industries, and company sizes.  

When considering a vendor, I care about the count of reviews, but also that their reviews come from different regions and industries. And it’s important to know if users would recommend the vendor.”​ 

Principal Technologist, Insurance 

 End-users also want to see more robust data set in the VOC document. With a larger number of reviews, they can have more confidence that the vendor’s placement in the quadrants is accurate and meaningful. 

“A dozen reviews is small, a bigger number is better.”​ 

-IT Director – Operations, Public Sector/Gov 

Based on this feedback, we’re evolving “Voice of the Customer” inclusion criteria and the methodology for the X-axis dimension 

Evolving the methodology from “Review Coverage” to “User Interest and Adoption”: We’re moving to a combined score comprised from 3 components: (1) Review count, (2) Willingness to recommend, and (3) Review market coverage. 

More robust dataset: We’re changing the inclusion criteria to 20+ eligible reviews published during 18-month period with more recent reviews having a higher weight)​ 

See the full updated methodology here. 

Timeline: Which markets will be impacted? 

For markets with a Voice of the Customer document publishing in May 2021 or after, the new methodology will be used. For markets publishing in April 2021 or earlier, the current methodology 1.5 will be used. Below is a list of markets publishing Feb – May 2021:  

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