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Announcing Voice of the Customer Methodology 3.0 Update

Learn how we have evolved the Voice of the Customer methodology to better meet the needs of our end-users






Last Updated: August 3, 2022

Gartner Peer Insights continues to evolve the Voice of the Customer (VOC) methodology to better meet the needs of our end users.


In our July 2022 Gartner Peer Insights webinar we announced that Voice of the Customer documents published in November 2022 will be utilizing an updated methodology to generate the results in this document.


We are making enhancements, highlighted below:


1) Updating the name and calculation for the dimension known as “Overall Rating” (and depicted on the Y axis of the graphic) to the new “Overall Experience” where we are incorporating the Overall Rating average and two sub-rating averages: ‘Capabilities’ and ‘Support/Delivery’


2) Enhancing the document inclusion requirements to reflect review volume from these two sub-rating types. The goal is to give end-users an aggregated peer perspective more aligned to the factors they need to support their buying process.




Through the “Overall Experience” dimension and new VOC inclusion requirements, end-users will get a combined view of various rating averages that reflect the sentiment of user experience. This combined rating score will be comprised from 3 components: (1) Overall Rating, (2) Product Capabilities Sub-Ratings, and (3) Support & Delivery Sub-Ratings.




More robust dataset: We are also changing the inclusion criteria to 20+ eligible reviews, 15+ ratings for both Capabilities and Service/Delivery published during 18-month period with more recent reviews having a higher weight).


See the full updated methodology here. This will explain the changes in more depth under ‘Overall Experience (Y-Axis).


Timeline: Which markets will be impacted?


For markets with a Voice of the Customer document publishing in November 2022 or after, the new 3.0 methodology will be used. For markets publishing in April 2021 or earlier, the current methodology 2.0 will be used. Below is a list of markets publishing August – November 2022:



The ‘View Standings’ page will also change:


  • Your Standing Page now focuses on your document eligibility
  • Vendors will be able to see eligibility statuses during the final 8 weeks prior to the review eligibility deadline


Please refer to the Voice of the Customer Publication Calendar to reflect dates for your markets.


Further questions? Please reach out to your aligned Program Manager or contact