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How Do Tech CEOs of Cloud Service Providers Keep up With Trends and Innovation?

by Rene Buest  |  July 24, 2020

Results from Gartner’s annual 2020 Tech CEO Survey show that 62% of tech CEOs whose primary revenue source is cloud services say they are the first in leading their industry in new trends and directions. While this may currently be the case, it is a position they will need to strive to maintain.

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How Tech CEOs Redirect to New Realities

by Rene Buest  |  July 2, 2020

COVID-19 is still a ubiquitous topic dominating the strategies of CEOs leading small and midsize technology and service providers. In Gartner’s recent Tech CEO Research Circle survey “Redirect to New Realities” we explored how tech CEO’s are beginning to turn back to normal

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