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Tech CEOs Must Selectively Use Intelligent Automation to Improve Operational Excellence of Their Infrastructure Operations

By Rene Buest | February 18, 2019 | 0 Comments

SMB technology and service providers serve an ever-growing client base with ongoing requirements for improvements in service delivery, quality and availability, while having the need to optimize all necessary operating procedures. This demand necessitates the use of intelligent automation to scale efficiency in business operations.

Key Impacts of Intelligent Automation on Business Operations

Running business operations more efficiently is imperative in a digital-touchpoint-driven market (see “It’s a Matter of Proximity: Go Beyond the Edge Directly to the Digital Touchpoint in Support of Digital Business“) where customers expect faster delivery, exceptional service quality and continuous price reductions. But SMB service providers are challenged to execute with lack of resources, funding and inability to scale, which impacts their ability to serve a growing customer base.

However, Gartner research has found that intelligent automation and artificial intelligence in infrastructure offerings have started to gain momentum in the market. Many of the large players that address IT infrastructure have rolled out intelligent automation that provides for effective management of the data center, end user, service desk and applications. The rollouts have been in the operations area and have reported improvements of 30% cost savings with 30% gain in service quality.

Hence, applying intelligent automation at the infrastructure level benefits the customers by quality improvements (having fewer incidents and few outages). The provider benefits by having more satisfied customers due to fewer outages, and less operational costs.

In the research note “Apply Intelligent Automation in Business Operations to Improve Operational Excellence in 3 Key Areas”, we discuss a focused approach to intelligent automation, which tech CEOs can adopt within their business operations to deploy intelligent automation to improve efficiency, achieve scalability and increase reliability.

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