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A Retrospective View: My Published Research in 2018

By Rene Buest | January 17, 2019 | 0 Comments

Welcome to 2019: This blog post should provide you an easy to consume overview of all the research I’ve published in 2018. Enjoy!

Predicts 2019: Increasing Reliance on Cloud Computing Transforms IT and Business Practices

Most technology innovation today is cloud-native or cloud-inspired. “Cloud computing” is morphing into just “computing,” and so application leaders must seek cloud-style quality of service across their hybrid information and technology environments.

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Tech CEOs Must Exploit 3 Cloud Technologies to Empower Business Initiatives at the Digital Touchpoint

Enterprises are looking for new ways to engage much closer with their customers at digital touchpoints. Tech CEOs must exploit integration across edge computing, intelligent automation and serverless computing to support customers’ business initiatives at digital touchpoints.

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IaaS Tech CEOs Must Embrace APIs to Offer Greater Customer Business Value

The API economy is an imperative for service providers to differentiate through new customer business value. Tech CEOs must rapidly exploit this opportunity to compete with newer entrants and establish their position in the API economy.

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Predicts 2019: IT Services Providers Must Prepare for an AI-First Service Strategy

Intelligent automation leveraging artificial intelligence technology is disruptive. AI alters solution offerings, disrupts delivery mechanisms, and changes engagement and operating models. Technology product managers must address the predictions in this research to remain competitive.

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Tech CEOs Must Exploit the Public Cloud IaaS Shared Responsibility Model to Their Advantage

The shared responsibility model of public cloud IaaS leads to confusion and misunderstanding about the amount of responsibility that is left to the customer. Tech CEOs of cloud managed service providers must exploit this confusion to build value during customer acquisition.

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Market Insight: Deliver Infrastructure Services Beyond the Edge Directly to the Digital Touchpoint

The edge has become the next fast-growing hot spot. Technology product managers of infrastructure service providers must look beyond the edge and deliver infrastructure-related services directly to the digital touchpoint.

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Market Insight: How Tech CEOs Can Position and Promote Services in the New World of Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud

The cloud adoption landscape is one of hybrid clouds and multiclouds. Gartner predicts that, by 2020, 75% of organizations will have deployed a multicloud or hybrid cloud model. Tech CEOs must seize this opportunity quickly to offer services to drive revenue and accelerate their business growth.

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How to Invest in Intelligent Automation as a Data Center Outsourcing Provider

Intelligent automation is immediately imperative for success in data center outsourcing and will determine who the winners are in the future. Technology product managers must identify operational areas to apply IA to shape and thrive in the market disruptions to come.

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Find Revenue Opportunities by Transforming Into an API-Powered Digital Infrastructure Platform

APIs can dramatically transform the digital operations of infrastructure service providers. Technology product managers must exploit the opportunities of an API-powered infrastructure platform and transform their infrastructure business to drive agility, growth and revenue.

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Leverage 5 Cloud Technologies to Stay Relevant in the World of Digital Business Services

Service providers must empower clients through and with new digital touchpoints. Technology product managers must drive integration and orchestration across five technologies to support and retain customers in a cloud-first world that strives for digital business transformation.

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