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Ray Valdes
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9 years at Gartner
30 years IT industry

Ray Valdes is research director in Gartner Research, where he is part of the Internet Platforms and Web Services team. Read Full Bio

Our Special Report on “Practical Blockchain”

by Ray Valdes  |  March 10, 2017

Circling back after a long hiatus, it’s been four years since we started looking at blockchain technologies and digital currency. A long strange trip, with many more miles to go. Today, I just want to let you know about a substantive collection of research that we have launched this week, totaling 27 research notes, a […]

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Introducing the Programmable Economy, the Value Graph and Other Elements of a Post-Bitcoin World

by Ray Valdes  |  October 15, 2014

Having been heads-down in a number of projects for a long while, finally surfacing for air, I wanted to share with you some of what has transpired recently. This past week I was at Gartner Symposium in Orlando presenting on peer-to-peer digital currencies and meta-coin platforms. One of the benefits of being at Gartner is […]

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Facebook Freshens Profile Pages

by Ray Valdes  |  December 6, 2010

Today, Facebook released an update to the design of its profile-related pages. The company scored a huge PR coup in making the announcement via a segment on the Sunday evening 60 Minutes news show. The details have been covered elsewhere on the Web, but in a nutshell, the update includes: a top-level synopsis of user’s […]

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Facebook Messages: Round 3 in Battle With Google

by Ray Valdes  |  November 15, 2010

Today’s launch is another round in the protracted conflict between Facebook and Google — following on earlier announcements about Facebook Groups and the deal with Bing. Facebook Messages is a significant revamp of Facebook’s existing messaging facility. It is being rolled out over the next few months, and is likely to get used by users […]

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Facebook Enlists Bing in Another Round Against Google

by Ray Valdes  |  October 13, 2010

Another week, another round, in the heating-up competition between Facebook and Google. If you didn’t catch the news, today Microsoft and Facebook made a joint announcement in which Bing search engine will use social data from Facebook (data from “Likes” and “Instant Personalization”) to deliver improved search results to users. Today’s announcement represents a worthwhile […]

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Facebook Enlists Friend-Sourcing in Preemptive Strike Against Google

by Ray Valdes  |  October 8, 2010

The engineering team at Facebook has been in “lockdown” mode for the past 60 days, and yesterday released the results of their labors. The launch event at Facebook offices in Palo Alto unveiled a whole bunch of enhancements: an improved version of Groups, plus a data-export facility for your social data, as well as a […]

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Facebook Adds Geo-Location to the Mainstream Social Experience

by Ray Valdes  |  August 19, 2010

Facebook announced its long-awaited geolocation capability earlier today: Facebook Places. I’m writing this while heading home after spending the earlier part of the day in Palo Alto at Facebook headquarters. Before the announcement, traveling to Palo Alto, I was thinking about what one might expect. My view is that adding location to the Facebook experience […]

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Google I/O Conference Report

by Ray Valdes  |  May 21, 2010

Some quick thoughts at the end of two full days at the Google I/O conference. The event had many sold-out sessions populated by attendees that were listening intently to Google’s message about the future of the Web, mobile devices, digital television, and platforms in the cloud. Some key themes: HTML5. Google played the HTML5 card, […]

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A Tale of Two Developer Ecosystems: iPhone versus Facebook

by Ray Valdes  |  April 21, 2010

I’m in San Francisco, where the Facebook F8 conference is about to begin, thinking about the Facebook platform and its developer ecosystem. In trying to assess the platform and its impact, I find it useful to compare it against another highly visible and popular platform, that of the iPhone OS (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad). […]

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HTML5 and the future of Adobe Flash

by Ray Valdes  |  February 10, 2010

Over the past week, I had a slew of press inquiries about the future of Flash, driven largely by the Apple iPad announcement — an event in which Flash was conspicuously absent. Of the top of my head, I put together some key points in the conversation, presented below. As I mull these talking points […]

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