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Gartner Research Reveals 3 Priorities for Technology Product Marketers

By Ray Pun | January 19, 2019 | 0 Comments

Product Marketing

Product marketers are constantly juggling many requests to support sales, marketing, product and customer success teams. As a former product marketer, I had to quickly determine if these requests were aligned to my strategic goals (e.g., drive adoption of mobile marketing solutions, develop multi-product customer success stories). It is not easy to keep your mind focused on “big picture” priorities instead of being drawn into “urgent” tactical requests.  However, the best product marketers can pick the right things to work on and know how to get things done.  Learn more about product marketing’s central role in driving business growth for technology and service providers in this research.


What are the most important priorities for product marketers today?

According to a Gartner research study of 180 product marketing professionals in large technology and service providers (with revenue of at least $500 million), three areas stood out:
Understand buyers. Product marketers seek to better understand evolving buyer needs and buying teams in organizations that are undergoing digital transformation or disruption.
Retain clients. For those working in subscription-based businesses, product marketers need to keep their eyes on customer retention rates and support customer success programs.
Drive differentiation. In many markets where feature and functional parity are common, product marketers are challenged to develop unique value propositions in their positioning and messaging frameworks to win business.

At first glance, these priorities may not seem to be related to each other. However, developing insights about buyers and embracing customer retention efforts can help you to drive differentiation from your competitors. How? In my research note “Connect 3 Technology Product Marketing Priorities to Drive Business Outcomes”, I analyze the relationships and connections between these priorities to determine their impact on business outcomes (e.g., revenue growth, market share increase). And, I provide recommended next steps for addressing the top three priorities.

What are your top priorities or key initiatives for 2019? 

If you are responsible for marketing products or services in a technology-based organization, please comment and share your thoughts. It would be good to understand if your initiatives are similar or different from the product marketers that we surveyed.

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