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Don’t Panic and ignore security !

By Rajpreet Kaur | March 30, 2020 | 0 Comments

While all enterprises are struggling to provide smooth Work from Home environment to their remote workers, Gartner emphasizes that, a state of panic can impact the overall security and pose serious risks to the businesses.

Here are the Top recommendations for Security and Risk Management leaders to handle COVID-19, Work from Home environment infrastructure security challenges:

  • Don’t panic, and start moving things to the cloud without a proper architectural design in place, this can lead to poor security controls in place and poor migration.
  • Design a proper network security architecture and plan considering limited disruption and supporting work from home. This should include immediate and urgent changes required, adoption of cloud, and security services around them.
  • Don’t end up locking yourself into buying multiple network access and network security service multiyear contracts and make your architecture overly complex. Rather drill down to few shortlisted vendors who can support and offer majority of required controls, evaluate them and gradually migrate.
  • Plan for what you need now, don’t try to implement a long term strategic solution to fix your immediate needs.
  • Try to support your existing work from home employees by doing minimal changes to the existing architecture like meeting throughput requirements and upgrading the equipment or restricting the access to group of employees at times.
  • For any new network changes and upgrades, or new deployments consider developing a work from home first strategy.
  • Enhance security around public facing applications to prevent against COVID-19 related cyber attacks.
  • Educate end users around COVID-19 related phishing scams and not be click on any such links and email attachments.


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