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Myths About Fintech – Part 3

By Rajesh Kandaswamy | May 11, 2016 | 0 Comments


Lending Club has been in the news lately due to actions of some of the executives bringing more unwanted attention to the fledgling marketing lending industry. This episode does dispel another myth– Fintech companies are all good compared to the bad banks. The common narrative on Fintech portrays them as good nice guys working hard and going against the big bad banks, a narrative stoked by many Fintechs themselves. Of course, it is easy to cast the bloated and bailed out banks as the Goliaths and the new technology start-ups as the Davids. There might be some truth to it as many start-ups evolve, but that does not always have to be the case. Besides, as companies become large and there is clamor for more growth, why won’t there be some regression to the mean in how they behave. This is not a cynical view on all companies or Fintech, but it would be naïve to image that everyone coming out of Fintech is holier than all banks. As more companies engage with Fintech, it is necessary to have a more balanced view. After all, once David became the king, his behavior was not above reproach.

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