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Introducing Research – Top Emerging Technology Predictions for Technology and Service Providers (TSPs)

By Rajesh Kandaswamy | December 10, 2019 | 0 Comments

Emerging technologies play a large role in helping TSPs build competitive advantages, win new business, grow margins and capture a larger market share. It is vital for decision-makers at TSPs to look ahead on what technologies are emerging, their impact and plan now. Gartner has invested in a new team that focuses exclusively on research and advice for TSPs on emerging technologies and trends.

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While learning and using new technologies is necessary, it is not a sufficient approach to maximize their potential for growth. It becomes vital to look ahead where and how emerging technologies can impact the market and prioritize investment and plan. TSPs that wait till technologies mature may reduce risk but that can prove costly. Early entrants could have seized the leadership in creating products (or services), building market presence or building skills. TSPs need to understand the possibilities of the key emerging technologies and Gartner is introducing an annual “Top Emerging Technology Predictions for TSPs” (behind paywall) to help them in this aspect. In this first research note, a team of analysts (Annette Jump, Eric Goodness, Lawrence Pingree, Martin Reynolds and I) from our TSP emerging technologies practice worked together to handpick a few important predictions that TSPs should pay attention to.

Predictions on Emerging Technologies:

The predictions address the implications of a few emerging technologies from different angles:

  • Blockchain – how business issues will have stopped more projects in blockchain than technology issues.
  • Security & Identity – how the adoption of decentralized personal identities will unfold.
  • Conversational User Interfaces – how this will penetrate the interfaces of both consumer and enterprise apps.
  • AI – how TSPs might need to compete with their customers for AI intellectual property and talent.
  • Quantum Computing – how unprepared startups are at risk if there is a quantum winter.

In the report, we elaborate on these predictions, the implications of each and recommend specific actions for TSPs. We hope you find the report useful. You are welcome to share your comments and ideas below.

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