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Enterprise Vendors And Blockchain Communities

By Rajesh Kandaswamy | April 19, 2017 | 4 Comments


I bloghave been in regular touch with enterprise vendors for a while and in the past year, I have engaged with blockchain technology companies and communities. They are 2 worlds – the differences are stark in how they approach the market, what they attempt to solve and how they go about it. While both may b
e true to their mission, one cannot help wondering if both will do better by leveraging the other. Enterprise vendors understand different industries, how they work today (whether you like it or not), their challenges and complexities, whereas I do not see much evidence of that in the blockchain community. On the other hand, the blockchain community has a much truer appreciation of the potential of blockchain and decentralization, than what I hear from enterprise vendors.

For blockchain’s potential to be fully realized, it will be necessary for this gap to be closed. Certainly, there is more involvement on either side to reach out to the other recently, evidenced by more enterprise vendors joining the blockchain ecosystems and blockchain communities launching enterprise efforts. But, I wonder if the current efforts are enough considering that the nature of blockchain is significantly different from most other technologies and might require a deeper involvement. We should know in the near future. What do you think?

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  • Jonathan S says:

    Interesting comment you made. I’m currently writing my masterthesis about Blockchain and governance models. Do you think that the current governance models used to align Business and Technology would work with blockchain implementations?

    • Rajesh Kandaswamy says:

      Thank you for your comment/question. That could an issue in many multi-party blockchain solutions. If decision making in big companies are a challenge today, it could become a bigger challenge when this has to be done across multiple parties. On the other hand, blockchain start-ups are also working to code governance in a blockchain itself, like the DAO (which had issues). Hope that helps.

  • Interesting article, I agree, there is a gap between the DLT technology providers and the enterprise vendors, nurtured by the complexity of both worlds (e.g. trusted execution, hashing power, etc. on one side and post trade landscape complexity etc. on the other side). I think it could be worth to leverage the brain power of IT consulting firms (like us 😉 to bridge the gap, by starting from the business problems for which DLT will be one possible solution to architect with members of the DLT community. It should not be that difficult as we have made huge progress: we now have DLT use cases from major banks. Both parties can align on this selection for a start (e.g. more efficient post trading clearing and settlement process)…

    • Rajesh Kandaswamy says:

      Elizabeth, Thank you for your comment. Yes, that is a good place to start – we have to see if and how these different cultures and belief systems come together.