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Gartner’s Cool Vendors In Blockchain Platforms

By Rajesh Kandaswamy | June 07, 2017 | 0 Comments


Last month, I wrote a blog post about our research note, ‘Cool Vendors in Blockchain Applications’, where the focus was on business innovations being built on a blockchain foundation. This month, we wanted to share with you another recent note where the emphasis is on the technology innovations around blockchain. Ray Valdes, Fabio Chesini, Joerg Fritsch, and I just published ‘Cool Vendors in Blockchain Platforms’ where we cover five such vendors. Here are the vendors we profiled and what they do:

  • BlockCypher addresses the complexity of building, deploying and operating blockchain-based applications.
  • Lightning Network addresses the scalability limitations and latency shortcomings of the bitcoin.
  • Rootstock brings over to the bitcoin stack the powerful smart-contract capability that is part of the Ethereum platform.
  • Tendermint advances the state of the art in consensus engines and in interoperability among blockchain platforms.
  • Zcash addresses the problem of lack of privacy in blockchain-based transactions.

In the note, we go into details of why they are cool, the challenges they face and why you should care. These vendors are interesting and there are many more that build technologies to mature blockchain, fill any gaps or are inspired by blockchain to solve other technology issues. Growth in this sector is vital if blockchain is to fulfil its potential of being a game changing technology. Not all will make it, but some will seep into enterprise technology, with or without blockchain. Interest from enterprise technology vendors in this space is low now barring a few, but we can expect many more to pay attention as this space grows. What blockchain-based or blockchain-inspired technologies interests you? Why?

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