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A New Special Report for Technology Providers on Long-term Changes and the Strategic Actions Needed Now

By Rajesh Kandaswamy | October 27, 2020 | 2 Comments

Tech and Service Providers

Every business is becoming a technology business. Further, companies that utilize technologies to disrupt current markets or create new ones continue to emerge and grow. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that companies that have applied digital broadly are more resilient. This is leading to accelerated investments in digital technologies.

Most providers have ridden this wave of technology-driven growth in their markets, but the pressure to deliver results in the short term leads to missed opportunities in the long term. This deeper and broader use of technology demands that providers not only provide excellent products and services but also generate value by helping their clients strengthen their business and operating models. Further, a slew of global changes is on the anvil, including shifts in geopolitics and climate change. These open new, and often unfamiliar, strategic challenges for technology providers.

A broader and long-term perspective is not just necessary to uncover markets and opportunities to grow, it is also vital to ensure they are not blindsided to threats of shrinking markets, commoditization, and disruptive competition.

Gartner research has invested in a collection of research to provide a long-term perspective to technology providers. The special report, “Tech Providers 2025: Strategic Transformation Drives Growth — A Gartner Trend Insight Report” (paywall), has a series of research notes that helps technology and service providers understand the large underlying shifts in the technology business and the actions they need to take today to prepare. The research notes in this report focus on key changes expected by 2025 across different areas. This special report comprises 70 research notes that highlight the long-term changes and the strategic actions that are necessary now. The special report addresses:

  • External forces across key areas that will have a large impact on the industry.
  • Key changes across the characteristics for a technology provider, driven in large part by the external forces.
  • Emerging trends and technologies that impact products and services.
  • Implications and actions for the leaders in various roles.

We hope that this research help technology providers get a better perspective on the long term and enable them to make the investments and adjustments necessary today.

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