The Future Workplace: Humans Need Not Apply?

Helen Poitevin
Helen Poitevin

“The robots are coming! The robots are coming!” Or maybe they’re not.

“This has actually been predicted before, in 1959. There was a prediction by I.J. Good that within 20 years, all our jobs would be gone. And I think there’s a bit of a sense of fear that has been generated and very much propagated across the press around the degree to which these technologies will eliminate jobs and at what speed they will be eliminated.”

Gartner Research Director Helen Poitevin says technologies like artificial intelligence will greatly reshape the Workplace of the Future, but they will not push human beings out of that workplace. Helen Poitevin is the author of the Gartner special report The Future of Work and Talent: Culture, Diversity, Technology (Client Access Only). So what will the future of work look like? What will it not be like? And how do we prepare our organizations to make sure we remain a part of that future?


  • 00:40 — What comes after human beings?
  • 02:39 — Co-existing with Machines
  • 05:19 — Top Trends
  • 07:11 — Misconceptions
  • 09:44 — Where do we start?
  • 12:42 — Steps to Take Now


The Future of Work and Talent: Culture, Diversity, Technology


Helen Poitevin is a Research Director with a focus on HCM technologies, including workforce analytics and planning, core HRMS (HR data management and payroll), and talent management (recruiting, onboarding, employee performance, compensation, succession and learning). She also looks at topics related to the application of AI and machine learning in HCM technology. Prior to joining Gartner, Ms. Poitevin led the Workforce Analytics team within the HR organization at SAP, and contributed to the overall business analytics strategy in a cross-functional team. She also held roles in HR Reporting and HR Information Systems as part of the EMEA-based HR teams at Business Objects and SAP. Before joining Business Objects, she worked in the HR department of a global microelectronics firm.