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CIO Resolutions: A Road Map for 2017 — Part 1

  A CIO’s mission can seem daunting — lead the digital transformation, grow the business, inspire your team, stay ahead of the latest trends. Each year Gartner aims to point CIOs in the right direction with the top CIO resolutions. In this conversation, Gartner analysts Mark Raskino and Patrick Meehan revisit 2016’s resolutions to show … Continued

CIO Stories: World Health Organization, Part 3

Digital Transformation is not simple or quick, and no CIO can handle it alone. Success requires a competent, motivated staff. World Health Organization CIO Marc Yves Touitou talks about how he helps his staff maximize their efforts in the face of daunting challenges, in the third and final part of our extended conversation with Mr. … Continued

A Conversation with Tamara McCleary

The real key to digital transformation is not the data, apps or machines; it’s the people. In the end, companies are trying to build a better customer experience, but renowned social influencer and customer relationship expert Tamara McCleary says too often we miss the mark because we forget to focus on the customer – the … Continued

Artificial Intelligence: Are Smart Machines the Smart Choice?

Artificial intelligence is the real deal for seemingly every company out there. The big names, including Apple, IBM, Microsoft and Google, are investing large sums to get a competitive advantage on AI. The TV news magazine “60 Minutes” aired a lengthy profile on the status and potential of artificial intelligence, including having their correspondent interview … Continued

CIO Stories: World Health Organization, Part 2

Sometimes CIOs feel like they need superpowers to do their jobs. Yet, the digital business era gives CIOs a chance to lift the whole organization. World Health Organization CIO Marc Yves Touitou is helping transform the way we combat health crises through data and technology. We continue our discussion with Mr. Touitou with a deeper … Continued

Leading Indicators: The 6 CIO Personas

This might sound like hyberbole, but it is not. Determining your CIO leadership persona is a critical first step toward determining how you motivate your team, guide the business on IT and achieve your goals. Gartner Research Vice President Graham Waller breaks down the six major CIO personas, how you can recognize yours, and why that … Continued

CIO Stories: World Health Organization, Part 1

It turns out that IT really can help save the world. In this three-part conversation, World Health Organization CIO Marc Yves Touitou sees IT as a critical element in the WHO’s efforts to respond to major disease epidemics and especially to determine where the next threat will develop. Find out how his experiences fighting the likes … Continued

How IT Impacts Change at ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil CIO Michael Brown shares his insights on how IT helps power digital transformation at the world’s largest energy company. Brown offers his thoughts on leadership and guiding both business and cultural change. Brown will present at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2016 as part of the CIO Stories series.

The Internet of Things Comes Home

The Internet of Things is steadily spreading into our homes. Your refrigerators, thermostats, cars, insurance coverage – the potential impacts are endless. So are the opportunities for IT developers and providers in reaching into the domestic market. What are the opportunities for enterprises? What solutions are available for homeowners? What is coming next? Hear the … Continued

Cost Optimization: Your New Growth Engine

Cost Optimization is all about growth now. The two words once conjured up fears of slashing IT budgets down to nothing to survive in a slow economy. Now, cost optimization can create the capital you need to fund your digital transformation initiatives. Gartner analyst Kurt Potter joins us to look at what drove this change … Continued