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How IT Impacts Change at ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil CIO Michael Brown shares his insights on how IT helps power digital transformation at the world’s largest energy company. Brown offers his thoughts on leadership and guiding both business and cultural change. Brown will present at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2016 as part of the CIO Stories series.

The Internet of Things Comes Home

The Internet of Things is steadily spreading into our homes. Your refrigerators, thermostats, cars, insurance coverage – the potential impacts are endless. So are the opportunities for IT developers and providers in reaching into the domestic market. What are the opportunities for enterprises? What solutions are available for homeowners? What is coming next? Hear the … Continued

Cost Optimization: Your New Growth Engine

Cost Optimization is all about growth now. The two words once conjured up fears of slashing IT budgets down to nothing to survive in a slow economy. Now, cost optimization can create the capital you need to fund your digital transformation initiatives. Gartner analyst Kurt Potter joins us to look at what drove this change … Continued

Architecting Your Digital Future

If you want to build a house, you need plans – you need architecture. Digital Business demands the same preparation – it requires Enterprise Architecture. Gartner analyst Mike Walker says enterprise architects must seize their opportunity to drive growth in the business. Join us as we discuss why enterprise architecture must be central to your … Continued

Your Resume Must Include ‘Corporate Storyteller’

Forget the elevator pitch; every organization today needs a compelling story. More importantly, everyone in the organization must be able to tell that story. Gather around as Gartner analyst Hank Barnes tells us what goes into an impactful corporate story and how you can become an effective corporate storyteller.

Leader of the Pack — The Wolf in CIO’s Clothing

What will you do to get the job done? CIOs must find the personal leadership approach that works best for them. Should you be a wolf? A snake? Perhaps a dolphin? Gartner analyst and author Tina Nunno reveals why to succeed, a CIO first must embrace his or her animal instinct.

Meet the Digital Strategy Leaders

While many are still pivoting to Digital Business, some organizations already setting the pace. Gartner analysts Mark Raskino and Graham Waller discuss what sets the digital strategy leaders apart and how you can benefit from their lessons to become digital to the core.

Master the Hype: Gartner Hype Cycles 2016

Forget death and taxes, the one certainty in IT is hype. Gartner VP Betsy Burton reveals why the Gartner Hype Cycles can help you determine what technologies are worth tracking and what to send packing.

CIOs: Take the Lead on Digital Business Transformation

Every organization is going digital in some way, and CIOs must take a lead role in driving this initiative. Gartner’s Chris Howard discusses why Symposium/ITxpo is the place where CIOs will find out how to drive digital to the core.

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