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Pete Basiliere
Research Vice President
12 years at Gartner
18 years IT Industry

Mr. Basiliere provides research-based insights on 3D printing and digital printing hardware, software and materials. Mr. Basiliere's Maverick research coined the term Generation AI, people born after 2010 who will not know a world without application intelligence in their lives. Read Full Bio

3D Printing from the Mountain Top, a Supply Chain Perspective

by Pete Basiliere  |  January 24, 2018

3D printing is fast evolving into a capability employed to manufacture unique product designs and tools. Will supply chain leaders be able to reliably deliver 3D printed goods without supply risk? Supply chain leaders, as they look out over their domain, see sunny areas — and storm clouds. 85% of supply chain practitioners that Gartner […]

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Of all the 3D Printer Manufacturers in all the towns in all the world, she chose…

by Pete Basiliere  |  January 5, 2018

(With apologies to Humphrey Bogart and my favorite movie of all time, Casablanca.) More than 80 manufacturers of enterprise-class 3D printers exist worldwide. Who are you going to investigate? Whose hardware, software and materials will you choose? Your decision will cost tens, hundreds, even millions of dollars. Can you afford to be wrong? Most of […]

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Gartner Predicts 2018: 3D Printing Changes Business Models

by Pete Basiliere  |  December 12, 2017

Organizations are using 3DP to change their business models. It changes many of the calculations that have been made around specialty manufacturing. 3DP may never be as efficient as a three-story stamping press at banging out ribbons of metal into panels, but, in one shot, 3D printers can form complex — indeed impossible-to-make — parts […]

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Accelerating 3D Printing from Prototype to Production

by Pete Basiliere  |  November 21, 2017

Formnext is a leading indicator of where the industry is headed — up. This year’s exhibition had 50% more 3D print technology providers (470 from 33 countries), 100% more hall space (two expansive floors of equipment) and 60% more attendees (21,500 total) than the 2016 event. Moreover, from what I could see in the aisles […]

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HP and the 3D Print Market Opportunity

by Pete Basiliere  |  November 3, 2017

Can it capitalize on its metal, plastic and color capabilities? HP’s mission is to expand its revenue sources and to this end has invested in multiple markets over the last 18 months, including the 3D printing market. Already in plastics 3D printing, HP is also entering the metals and color 3D printing markets. HP must determine […]

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Of Baseball, 3D Printed Hands and You

by Pete Basiliere  |  October 31, 2017

Hailey Dawson’s pitch won World Series viewers’ hearts. But there is more. To me, the most exciting aspect of 3D printing is medical devices — prosthetics and implants. 3D printed medical devices are truly life altering. And a mechanical hand such as 7 year old Hailey’s prosthetic can cost as little at $25 in materials […]

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Gen AI — Artificial Intelligence Empowers a Generation of Radical Thinkers

by Pete Basiliere  |  October 3, 2017

The generation born after 2010 only knows a world with artificial intelligence technology. Prepare for Generation AI family members, consumers and workers who are creative, empowered and radical thinkers. Maverick* Research: Gen AI — Artificial Intelligence Empowers a Generation of Radical Thinkers breaks new ground. The report introduces the idea that the generation born from 2010 […]

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From Quantum to Edible – Gartner’s Cool Vendors in 3D Printing, 2017

by Pete Basiliere  |  June 30, 2017

Additive manufacturing is rapidly expanding. Startup vendors are bringing new technologies and services to market just as organizations are implementing 3D printing throughout their supply chains. The enterprise 3D printing market continues to be invigorated by many new entrants across technologies and geographies. The offerings of Gartner’s four Cool Vendors in 3D Printing, 2017 typify […]

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First Look: Canon Océ ProStream

by Pete Basiliere  |  February 21, 2017

Very good print quality, novel design, quick speed, long and sure to give competitors pause, the newest Canon inkjet web press is worth a look. I traveled to Poing Germany, outside of Munich, with executives from more than 100 printing companies and 22 countries for Canon’s unveiling of the Océ ProStream 1000 inkjet web press […]

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Predicts 2017: 3D Printing Accelerates

by Pete Basiliere  |  December 29, 2016

Manufacturers, consumer goods companies, medical device providers and their supply chain vendors are expanding the use of 3D printing — with the help of robots. Gartner’s annual predictions about the future of 3D printing have been published. A brief synopsis of this year’s 19 page Predicts report follows. Strategic Planning Assumption: By 2020, 10% of […]

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