May 25th, 2017 | by Richard Cho, GM for Peer Insights & Peer Connect
Updated July 17, 2018

In conducting hundreds of client interviews over the last several years, I’ve discovered one startling truth: almost nobody enjoys the experience of buying enterprise software. Depending on the application, these purchases can run millions of dollars, and are often accompanied by the commensurate marketing and hype machines. At Gartner, our analysts have established our brand through decades of helping our clients cut through this marketing hype. Expert research can help clients understand the critical nuances between vendor solutions that can mean the difference between success and failure on their most important projects. Unfortunately, until now, most non-clients haven’t been able to benefit from this trusted advice.

We started Gartner Peer Insights to radically level this playing field for the entire industry. Our mission is to transform the way enterprise software is bought and sold by creating more transparency in the process. Our review platform is a place for all IT buyers to find unbiased advice they can trust, from others who have walked in their shoes:

I recently had a client remark to me that it was crazy that he spent 15 minutes with his colleagues the night before reading reviews before choosing a restaurant, but during their last software purchase decision of $20mm they spent zero time reading reviews. We agree. The days of buying an enterprise software product without peer feedback are numbered.

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