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Gartner Quote-Request Process Just Got Faster

October 5th, 2020 · No Comments

A guest post from Nicole Saraco Loddo, Ethics Manager

We’re happy to share with you a new web form for you to submit your quote requests. We expect this will lead to faster turnaround and fewer back-and-forth emails, as the form identifies all content you need to submit for every type of request. Bookmark the web form so you can easily open it anytime. Of course, you may still submit requests or report potential misuse the old-fashioned way by sending your draft materials to


In other Gartner Quote Requests news, our team has a new name: Gartner Content Compliance. This new team name now directly reflects what we do: ensure that all external sharing of Gartner content complies with our Copyright and Quote Policy.


As always, we welcome your feedback! What do you want to see in the Policy? Send the Gartner Content Compliance team your comments.

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