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Peer Insights Data Refresh – What You Need to Know

August 12th, 2020 · No Comments

Guest post from Audrey Apfel, VP Ombudsman

Gartner continues to expand the data sources we use to inform our Research. This includes soliciting customer feedback in the form of user reviews on the tech providers we cover. Today, Gartner’s enterprise crowdsourcing website, Peer Insights, hosts hundreds of thousands of reviews across hundreds of markets and vendors. Gartner is dedicated to maintaining a reviews platform of the highest integrity. To ensure the quality of our reviews, we continuously strengthen and improve our validation processes. As the volume of inappropriate reviews increases, so do our techniques to identify and eradicate them.

As a necessary component of this ongoing evaluation, we often re-examine submitted reviews with our upgraded moderation protocols and remove those that fail to meet them. Due to an uptick in suspicious online activity, Gartner is in the process of removing a larger than usual quantity of reviews from Peer Insights.

When suspicious activity or patterns are detected in the Gartner Peer Insights reviews data, our priority is to remove the inappropriate reviews and refresh the platform. This helps to ensure the quality and integrity of reviews on Gartner Peer Insights for our clients.

Part of this process is to inform Research analysts of changes to this data set. Any changes are taken into account as research is developed for our clients.

At Gartner, our mission is to provide objective insight, advice and tools that help our clients make decisions with greater confidence so that they succeed in their mission-critical priorities.As part of our mission, we always look to improve our methodologies to ensure our clients access the best source of validated customer reviews on the technology providers we cover.

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