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Important updates to the Gartner Copyright and Quote Policy

March 10th, 2020 · No Comments

Guest post from Nicole Saraco Loddo–Ethics Manager

Gartner’s independence and objectivity are paramount to our business. This is why we have such strict guidelines for quoting our research and, for that matter, making external use of any Gartner content. These rules are embodied in the Gartner Copyright and Quote Policy. We have made a number of updates to the Policy, tightening up some of the language and adding more linked resources, all with an eye toward making it easier for providers to appropriately reference Gartner. Click here to see the updated Policy, which includes:

  • Updated templates and slides to reflect Gartner’s branding guidelines.
  • Clear guidance for promoting data from Gartner Peer Insights and Gartner Digital Markets (hint: Use the templates found in the Tech Provider Tools portal for faster approval).
  • Updated guidance allowing entitled Gartner Professional Service clients to share IT Key Metrics Data externally.
  • A new section devoted to referencing Gartner Cloud Decisions.

Later this year, we will release…

  • Updated “Why?” content linked from the Policy
  • A web submission form so requests can be made directly from the web (email submission will still be accepted)
  • More pre-approved templates so clients will not have to wait for approval every time they would like to quote Gartner

As always, Quote Requests wants to hear from you! What do you want to see in the Policy? Send Quote Requests your comments!

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