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Nikos Drakos
Research Director
13 years at Gartner
20 years IT industry

Nikos Drakos, Ph.D., is a research director in Gartner Research, covering social software and collaboration. Prior to joining Gartner in 1997, Dr. Drakos was a founding member of a pioneering Web development company and was responsible for several high-profile interactive and transactional websites for European clients. Previously, he was employed as a postdoctoral research fellow, working on object-oriented programming, visual languages, artificial intelligence and Web technology. During that time, he also led the effort around one of the first open-source Web publishing systems, which is still widely used today.Read Full Bio

Personal and work networks: Separate them, mash them, or mesh them?

by Nikos Drakos  |  September 26, 2008

You get hired for what you know and promoted for who you know goes an old adage. And today who you know is becoming much for relevant and valuable as who you know, and how well you know someone is not limited by geography or organization boundaries.  There is clearly value here, certainly to each […]

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