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How to Plan for Agility: A Content Marketer’s Guide

By Nicole Greene | September 04, 2020 | 0 Comments

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What marketers need to do now to meet business and consumer demand

I just moved. Yes, I moved in the middle of a pandemic (not ideal.) But we knew we needed to move, and we were ready to jump to make an offer. Then we brought in (socially distanced) help to ensure that we were able to pack, move and set up our new home in time for the new school year (or at least have the internet set up!)

The move was successful due to discipline. We planned, we prepared, and we kept reports. And when unexpected moments came up (or keep coming up) we’re able to respond.

The same goes for content marketers- we need agility to meet the ever-changing priorities of our businesses and customers. This is only compounded by recent disruption – from pandemics and civil unrest to ever-changing trends and rapidly shifting lifestyles. But recognizing that we need to be agile and actually planning for agility with a disciplined approached are different things.

The good news, there is a process! And the process can help your team support agile content creation and delivery faster.

The graphic illustrates the four steps to creating an agile content development process.

The shift to agile content development can be broken down into four steps:

  • Define your brand’s voice and guidelines for determining where it stands on key issues.
  • Establish an agile workstyle that adopts a journalistic cadence that reacts and adapts to events as they happen.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional partners to ensure the brand’s voice and response are the same across all platforms.
  • Use social listening data and technology to optimize your content in a way that anticipates the meets rapidly evolving needs across the customer journey.

The fundamentals need to be in place before your team is ready to respond when it matters. Partnering with marketing operations and technology leaders to ensure that you have the the right structure and tools in place is key to success. We can empower your team with the guidance and technology advice to ensure that your marketing operations and content teams are prepared agility. Gartner clients can read more here: How to Plan for Agile Content Creation and Delivery

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