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Tidy Up Your Content House

By Nicole Greene | March 05, 2019 | 4 Comments

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What brings you joy? Content audits should.

Content audits are fundamental to any successful content marketing team. Only 40% of marketers are pleased with the quality of their content. Yet marketing leaders struggle to find the time and resources to audit this content to improve its performance.

When done right, a content audit serves as the foundation of your content marketing efforts by assessing your content against customer needs and your business objectives. When mapped to your content strategy, an audit will also give you a solid foundation to help justify recommended spend with leadership and prioritize your efforts moving forward.

If you’ve been watching “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” on Neflix, you’ll realize that you need to be committed when tidying your home. It’s the same with a content audit. They take time and resources. Scope your audit to ensure that the results are actionable and can support your business objectives.

Content audits can help you identify top performing assets that you should use more extensively. They can help you realize that content you thought was amazing just isn’t performing, so that you can refine the content. They can also help you find forgotten assets that may have great potential. Use your audit to aggressively identify content to retire, so that you can focus on the assets that will bring joy to your customers and business.

Gartner clients can learn the three steps to a successful content audit here (Subscription required.)

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