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Nick Toman
Group Vice President
15 years at Gartner

Nick Toman leads Sales and Customer Service practices for Gartner. In this role, he oversees all research, advisory and quantitative analytics for the practices. He is a best-selling author of The Challenger Customer, and The Effortless Experience, and a frequent contributor to a range of business periodicals including The Harvard Business Review, among others. Read Full Bio

How Challenger Sales Organizations Should Make Sense of Sense Making

by Nick Toman  |  June 27, 2019

Just a couple months ago, Gartner’s Sales Practice released new research highlighting an unconventional approach that is striking a chord within the sales world: we call it Sense Making. Similar to our research on The Challenger Sale, which we first highlighted a decade ago, this research sheds light on what separates the best sales efforts […]

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