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Cloudera-Teradata Partnership Highlights Hadoop Reality

By Nick Heudecker | October 12, 2014 | 0 Comments

Data and Analytics Strategies

Last week, Cloudera and Teradata announced an expanded partnership that extends Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture to Cloudera’s products. The announcement also includes tighter software integration between the two companies, with Teradata’s Loom (acquired from Revelytix) and QueryGrid both supporting CDH.

Given that Cloudera likes to take shots at Teradata, this may seem like an unlikely relationship. However, it highlights an important reality in the information management market. Despite the hype, Hadoop isn’t replacing data warehouses. This hype has only confused the market and resulted in delayed adoption for both technologies. Hadoop remains largely application-centric, with very few enterprise-wide deployments.

The emerging understanding for early adopters is that the strengths of Hadoop and the data warehouse are complementary. Your information management infrastructure discussion won’t be about if you should use Hadoop or the EDW, but how you should use both. This expanded partnership helps to tell that story.

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