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By Nathan Wilson | September 14, 2012 | 0 Comments

I just returned from the Microsoft Visual Studio launch. Having been out of the loop with Microsoft for the last few years, the biggest surprise for me was that most of the Keynote was on how Visual Studio enables Agility. While many vendors talk about agile these days, the most interesting detail for me was that the SaaS version of Team Foundation Server is now being updated every 3 weeks. Given the “eat your own dogfood” culture at Microsoft, this means that the people developing TFS are using TFS do agile development. I expect this to have a big impact on the quality of the agile experience on TFS.
This is also another example of a large team successfully using agile techniques to develop a major software product. I am not convinced that we are over the tipping point to agile, but this brings us a whole lot closer to it.

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