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Back to school (and work)

By Nathan Wilson | August 30, 2013 | 0 Comments

Well another summer is over and the kids are back in school. My to-do list for this fall is to finish up research on agile and architecture, update research on technical debt and prepare for our AADI conference in early December.
I still talk to a lot of organizations that want IT to be more responsive but they cannot get past the command and control model. They still want to make sure that they are pushing their teams hard enough and cannot trust them to be truly self organizing and self pacing. Given some of the research that went into the Tribal Leadership book (, it looks like only about 25% of companies are culturally ready for agile.
Does this leave the other 75% in a permanent “have not” status for IT? Some of them will be able to move the cultural maturity forward, but what will happen to the rest? We know that the long term waterfall project is not really viable, but can a command and control organization even manage the conscious uncertainly that comes with iterative development?
I should be an interesting fall as more and more organizations attempting to do agile are not culturally ready for it.

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