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Suit Up for the Gartner Marketing Conference to See How an NBA Team Creates Winning Mobile Moments

By Mike McGuire | February 21, 2017 | 0 Comments

NBA basketball games – good NBA basketball games – always have a dynamic ebb and flow of athleticism and coaching strategy with the fans amplifying the narrative of the game just like a great movie soundtrack.  Really loud, supportive fans are often referred to as the home team’s “sixth man.”

Mobile marketing – good mobile marketing – is always with the customer or prospect throughout any engagement, no matter the time or place.  Done right, mobile marketing techniques are linchpins in the buy-own-advocate (BOA) my colleague Augie Ray argues will strengthen links with existing customers and can turn occasional customers into real fans.

I’m going to be on stage at our conference with a digital leader for one NBA team which is augmenting the excitement and energy of its games with a smartphone app that the team’s tech wizards designed to be the fan’s “first screen” at games.  Beyond connecting the customer to the team but also to the arena, even if the user is visiting the arena for a concert or other events.

The team’s app lets fans buy tickets, season ticket holders can manage their tickets (like reselling or redistributing to friends and family) but they’ve also got the usual player and team stats capability.  And, because everybody needs artificial intelligence, the app has an AI agent to ask about the team’s roster or get more information about the arena and upcoming events.

How cool is this approach to using mobile to engage with customers/fans? I think it’s very cool.

But maybe you’re asking yourself, “Dude, I’m a clothing retailer – what am I going to learn from an NBA team’s mobile efforts?”  That would be a good question.  Engagement tactics might vary dramatically between an NBA team and a retailer. But how one creates a strategy, the tools they use are going to be very similar.  Think about it like this: every mobile touch point we have with a customer or prospect is a crucial mobile moment. And your brick-n-mortar store? It’s your arena but you have to create a compelling show for each visitor and mobile apps and a mobile-optimized site give you the opportunity to engage with the customer before, during and after the show, and it should encourage the customer to share their experiences at each stage.

So come check out how to prepare yourself to get into the arena and create the mobile moments that keep those customers coming back and turning a prospect into a season ticketholder.



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