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A Powerful Pairing: Social and Mobile

By Mike McGuire | March 13, 2015 | 0 Comments


History is replete with examples of famous pairings, instances where chance or calculation somehow brought together elements or people to create something that was much more than just simple addition. The combination was inspired and inspiring. Think about it. Keith Richards and Mick Jagger. Bill Walsh and Joe Montana.  However, while those pairs became the public faces of their respective teams, they were supported by stellar teammates and organizations.
Marketers have the chance to create that same kind of inspired pairing by leveraging the power of social and mobile.  Consumers are using their smartphones to engage with the world around them and with each other.  Facebook sees as many as one billion mobile visitors per month. Gartner’s consumer surveys consistently show that social media is one of the top five activities for smartphone and tablet users.  
While most companies are building solid mobile and social marketing foundations, the potential benefits of combining these two phenomenon are tantalizing.    
Moreover, marketing executives we’ve surveyed indicate that social and mobile are going to get bigger pieces of digital marketing budgets this year. 
But getting a bigger piece of the marketing budget means even more scruitny from the c-suite and rising expectations. And both of these marketing disciplines have generated some pretty high expectations over the past couple of years. 
But successfully combining these two powerful forces isn’t as simple as throwing your mobile and social teams together and saying “play nice.”  There’s a bit more nuance and a lot more work involved.  
But relax.  We’ve got you covered.  
My colleague Julie Hopkins and I have been working on this area for quite some time and you’ve got a chance to spend some time with us on March 26th.  You’ll have a couple of different times — 10 am ET and 1pm ET.  Come on by and let’s get down to finding ways to harness the power of social and mobile. 

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