I’m going to let you in on a little secret. The following two statements come from some of our clients. They encapsulate the challenge and fun of being on analyst. They are:

  • “Don’t let us be surprised by something cool that can change our approach!”
  • “We want you to tell us about cool things we can use!”

Now, when clients say “cool” they are generally not (just) looking for something that would appeal to hipster Brooklyn-ites. “Cool” to the digital marketer (or the social marketer or the mobile marketer . . .) is all about being able to separate the noise from the true signal when it comes to a technology platform or service that’s going to make them more efficient and effective at their jobs.

And lord knows that these days in digital marketing, the noise level in all areas is rising all the time. Being able to keep track of products, services, tactics and techniques for current needs is hard enough, without even thinking about planning for the future.

Yet, perhaps more so than any other group in a company, digital marketers are expected to be delivering “cool.” It’s a thorny challenge: driving demand and interest (that turns into sales revenue) products and services to consumers who are constantly changing the methods and technologies they use to interact with the world, not to mention brands.

What to do, indeed? Well, the customer directives I mentioned above are the reason we produce documents like our freshly minted, 2014 Cool Vendors. We have one for Digital Marketing, Data-Driven Marketing, Social Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Digital Commerce. There all over at GML.

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  1. 23 May 2014 at 2:41 am
    Digitant says:

    It’s true,

    Always clients will not in a position to adopt chance Quickly..! So we need to be more tech experts, to minimize their efforts to update..


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