Perhaps some folks might be surprised to see the news that ad inventory for the stream of the upcoming Super Bowl (and I like the 49ers chances of being in that game, by the way) are nearly sold out. 

Why? Advertisers are wising up to the fact that consumers are using those second-screen apps we’ve heard about. Despite the lack of citation to support the claim that second-screen app use by consumers  has jumped “exponentially” since last year’s Super Bowl (the first to be streamed live), I think we can agree there has been a surge in usage of second-screen or companion apps with a growing number of consumers in the U.S. Actually, some data from comScore’s blog gives us some actual numbers to support the notion that consumers are augmenting their TV consumption with mobile devices. 

What mobile marketers need to look beyond the TV-industry economics angle of this story and focus more on what this kind of shift in consumer behavior means for the future of content consumption on mobile devices.  

In particular, the notion of “ensemble” or multiscreen interactions is gaining traction.  For the mobile marketer, this concept presents some interesting options.  First, would be to look for opportunities to extend the engagement of a broadcast advertisement to a viewer’s mobile device.  Second, would be to acquire audience data from second-screen apps to look for context cues about audience demographics.   Methinks that more than a few of these second-screen app users would find the ability to defer or extend an offer made on the TV or second-screen to their smartphones — when they might be out and about and willing to head to a store or location (for an event) — conveniently compelling.

Anybody seeing any compelling examples second-screen apps that are extending into a truly mobile experience?