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The Future’s Mobile and it’s Here for Kraft — But Take Care with that Tool

By Mike McGuire | September 17, 2012 | 0 Comments

 I was able to make it to the Mobile Marketer’s Mobile Marketing Summit in Manhattan on Thursday — the theme was gearing up for the Holidays — and came away with some interesting bits o’ information. 

By the mid-point of the day, we’d already had one bit of significant news and that was that Kraft Foods disclosed that the company will move 10 percent of its media budget to mobile.  While a total figure was not disclosed, the executive, Melissa Laux, made clear they were pulling the budget dollars from TV, print, out-of-home and digital. 
Laux’s presentation set the tone for the rest of the day, noting that mobile marketing is still immature but companies will have to move fast to develop mobile strategies and tactics.  Why? Because the mobile channel is where the consumers are congregating and because they are wanting to create and develop.  
While Laux didn’t disclose specifics of the allocation of the increased budget, she indicated mobile would be used in multiple ways.  But the underlying theme of her presentation, and several others, was the inevitability of mobile marketing’s ascendancy. 
At times the tone of these conferences, and their presenters, can be unbridled enthusiasm bordering on irrational exuberance, there were some important warnings about the challenges facing the mobile marketer.  
In particular, the CEO of Vibes, a Chicago-based mobile marketing and technology company, underscored the very thin line that mobile marketers walk every day.  In a survey conducted earlier this year of more than 1000  mobile phone users in the U.S., that found that 86 percent said they unsubscribed from a mobile list due to “receiving too many message, while another 73% said they unsubscribed because the information to them “wasn’t relevant.”
Look for me to push out a bit more on some of the other findings I pulled from the event in the next blog post.

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