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File Under: Inevitable (it took way too long but it was inevitable)

By Mike McGuire | August 17, 2011 | 1 Comment

Nice rundown on on YouTube (Google) and its efforts to smooth (or smoother) their somewhat fractious relations with content rightsholders. 

In this case, the online video giant’s dualistic role as a music freak’s treasure chest and bane of segments of the music industry settled a suit which included the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA).  Like a number of organziations representing stakeholders in the music industry, the NMPA had filed suit against YouTube, arguing that they had to be able to be compensated for the synchronization rights (rights music publishers control for  how their content is used in videos, movies, broadcast TV shows etc.) when their music was used in content consumers uploaded to YouTube. 

So now, when those slideshows w/ songs, or concert videos etc. , are uploaded, publishers can negotiate synch licenses with YouTube (Google). Terms of the license deals was not disclosed.  These are most likely based on per-song rates common to streaming  music agreements and calculated by the number of complete views of the video or slideshow. 

Since this was part of a series of lawsuits filed in 2007, it only took four years for this agreement. Only. Four. Years. Sigh.

Things to look out for: this is clearly a nice big loose end that was tied off by YouTube (Google).  One has to wonder if it’s a precursor to the ultimate conclusion of the Viacom-YouTube(Google) copyright infringement suit (Google won in the lower courts; Viacom’s vowed to appeal)?

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1 Comment

  • I find this very interesting seeing that Google owns Youtube, okay 4years sigh, but still it makes you wonder what kind of deal was made and how it really benefits the content providers such as myself.?
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