Well, this (from Billboard.com, subscription might be required) is nice news. Government regulators, online service providers and performance rights organizations coming together to “pledge” to try and resolve an important obstacle to greater consumer choice in online services: simplifying the process for legitimate online music sites to license content.

Imagine that,  a plan to make a plan to make it simpler for online content entrepreneurs to actually create monetized content transactions?

If I sound sarcastic, I honestly don’t mean to. If the story’s elements are accurate and the various stakeholders’ press quotes prove to be an accurate reflection of their commitment, it’s quite possible that at some point – there doesn’t really appear to be any deadlines for anything – we could see what amounts to a set of non-exclusive registries of licensed content. Were that to come to pass, such registries would be an enormous step forward for the music industry and, I believe, a roadmap for other media sectors as well. 

More important to me is that if we see this kind of movement in the EU and it spreads to other parts of the world, there is going to be a significant premium paid for solutions that help rightsholders and media companies rapidly license, track and account for the usage/consumption of their content.

If I’m in the rights-in/rights-out platform business, I’m smelling an opportunity.


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