Tis’ the season for contrition, or so it seems.  First Pirate Bay’s buyers last month claimed that they planned to leave their pirate ways behind and offer a legit online music service. Now, it appears that Altnet, parent company of Kazaa – one of the post-Napster file-trading protocols that hit the market soon after Napster – is “talking” to independent labels and even movie studios about getting content licensed in order to launch a legit subscription service.

According to this report, for $20 a month, Australian consumers would get DRM-wrapped content and a catalog far smaller than those offered by existing online services.

To which I can say, the Internet is truly a wonderful thing. Anybody, with any idea, can use it to live out their dreams.

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  1. 21 July 2009 at 1:13 pm
    Kimball Brown says:

    Boy, I’d like to get $20 buck a month for DRM-wrapped songs with a small catalog. But I doubt the market will pay for it. Good luck!

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