Netflix Grows its Hardware Posse

By Mike McGuire | October 30, 2008

Having built a decent business based on consumers desire to avoid worrying about when they return their rented DVD movies, NetFlix is pushing into the online world of movie distribution by securing streaming deals with Microsoft’s XBox (including a small…

Webcasters like Pandora Catch a Break on Royalty Rates

By Mike McGuire | October 01, 2008

Pandora and its ilk look to be getting some breathing room to try and negotiate more reasonable rates with rightsholders. Good news all around, if you ask me.

DRM, Copy protection, Copyright Law and Consumers

By Mike McGuire | October 01, 2008

 What an interesting confluence of events this week. . . If anyone ever needed proof of the notion that lawyers are the only stakeholders making money on the analog-to-digital/physical-media-to-digital transitions for the media, the last couple of days should be…