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Planview Acquiring Long-Time Partner Tasktop

By Mike West | May 19, 2022 | 0 Comments

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Planview’s announced intent to acquire Tasktop charts a course to align strategy and portfolio value management with the optimization of software delivery flow. CEO of Tasktop Mik Kersten will join Planview as CTO. Planview CEO Razat Guarav will lead the combined organization based in Austin and in Vancouver.

The announcement raises interesting questions:

  • Will there be more mergers and partnerships as competing vendors build out capabilities in adjacent spaces? We do expect more M&A activity in these adjacent spaces.
  • EAP tools and Value Stream platforms appear to be converging. Will leading vendors offer a converged platform? We note that what links EAP tools with Value Stream platforms is the planning function where leading EAP tools already integrate well with DevOps Value Stream platforms. Vendors that offer both may move to offer a converged platform.
  • How will Planview manage the existing Hub customer base of Tasktop, as well as Hub partners like Apptio, Broadcom and IBM? We expect that existing partner relationships may change, but will not end as a result of this acquisition.
  • Will Planview market a standard edition of Tasktop Hub and Viz, as well as integrate those technologies into EnterpriseOne to provide differentiable value to customers? We see this as a likely outcome — with both a differentiated integration with Planview’s EAP capability and an “off the shelf” version of Hub and Viz for other customers.

Planview’s EAP suite continues as a leading offering, with outstanding EAP capabilities such as backlog management and prioritization along with strategic alignment and financial analysis to support organizations on their transformation journeys.

The acquisition of Tasktop provides Planview with the opportunity to increase its visibility in the market and adds differentiation to increase buyer appeal, as enterprises continue to transition from projects to products.

While EAP and VSMP have some overlap, they are complementary, and these combined capabilities provide a solution that expands beyond IT into business strategy and value delivery. Planview and Tasktop have jointly worked with customers such as Australia’s Commonwealth Bank to deliver digital transformation. That will continue to be a key go-to-market strategy for the combined enterprise.

This blogpost was jointly authored by Mike West and Bill Blosen with contributions from Hassan Ennaciri, Akis Sklavounakis, Thomas Murphy, Joachim Herschmann, and Manju Bhat.









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