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Goodbye Baked Ham

By Mike Rollings | November 28, 2012 | 0 Comments

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Zig Ziglar died today.

The title may make instant sense to his followers or to those of you that have heard me tell his story about baked ham. It’s about his wife sawing the end off of a roast before baking because she thinks it creates a better roast. But when they call the originator of the ritual, her grandmother, she says that she did it because her roaster was too small.

It is a story about doing the same thing you always have done even if you don’t know why you do it anymore. As a dedication to Zig Ziglar we should all pause and think about the rituals we perform unwittingly and ask ourselves “Why did I start doing that in the first place?” and “Have the conditions changed under which that made sense to do?”

Thanks for the memorable stories Zig!


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