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Goodbye Baked Ham

by Mike Rollings  |  November 28, 2012

Zig Ziglar died today. The title may make instant sense to his followers or to those of you that have heard me tell his story about baked ham. It’s about his wife sawing the end off of a roast before baking because she thinks it creates a better roast. But when they call the originator […]

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“Making Pianos” or “Being an Artist”

by Mike Rollings  |  November 26, 2012

I saw a story on CBS about Wally Boot who has worked at the Steinway factory for 50 years. He was born on Steinway Street and has learned how to make every part in a Steinway, but what he makes is so much more. At the end of the story, Charlie Rose says “there is […]

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The Nexus and IT Jobs – It’s Hip to be Square

by Mike Rollings  |  November 5, 2012

Last week our “2013 Professional Effectiveness Planning Guide: Coming to Terms With the Nexus of Forces” was published on It discusses the Nexus of Forces — social, mobile, cloud and information — and the profound implications for IT. The nexus forces combine to provide a platform and impetus for innovation, but many organizations are […]

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