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Career Survival Skills for Gearheads

By Mike Rollings | July 19, 2012 | 1 Comment

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The Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP) research team is fond of gearheads. You know, the technical professionals who get things done within organizations, the ones who find the answers.

For the past 5 years the Professional Effectiveness team has been doing gearheads workshops at our Catalyst conference to help technical professionals in different aspects of their career. Our goal is to enhance this premier technical event by helping technical professionals navigate their career, enrich their non-technical skills, and improve their business relevance.

The original gearheads workshop was “The Gearhead’s Guide to the Corner Office”. This workshop helped technical professionals gain insight to the mind of the executive, how to avoid technology rat-holes in executive communication, and how to identify and discuss business drivers. Other Professional Effectiveness workshops have discussed a variety of career and self-development issues, including the following two examples:

  • The Gearhead’s Intervention Program – Discussed the changing business and IT environment, barriers to communication between IT executives and IT practitioners, challenged perceptions and stereotypes, and identified behaviors and tools that result in better outcomes.
  • A Gearhead’s Guide to Influence, Persuasion and Presentations – Discussed various aspects of human and organizational behavior that impact your ability to get things done (e.g. culture, organizational inertia, perception) as well as how to overcome them. It included our influence and communication methodology, and how-to advice to improve presentation and persuasion skills.

This year is no different. At Catalyst 2012 Jack Santos, Elden Nelson and I are presenting “Career Survival Skills for Gearheads”. This workshop discusses how the IT profession is changing and how all IT professionals must respond to the Nexus of forces that is reshaping how organizations think about technology, who does it and how it gets done. We will discuss critical survival skills like:

  • How do you engage yourself and others?
  • What is in store for the role of IT, your role, and what is critical to your career?
  • Paying attention to human dynamics, and creating a participative work environment.
  • Becoming a master of influence and communication, storytelling, and conveying a message.

Why not come out to Catalyst for a massive helping of technical knowledge and learn ways to improve your career? Sounds like a win-win for both your technical and non-technical side.

From one gearhead to another, I look forward to seeing you at Catalyst and meeting you in our gearheads workshop.

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1 Comment

  • Jason says:

    Is any of the content from any of these workshops available for purchase?