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Why You Should Be Flattening Your Applications Organization

By Mike Gilpin | September 21, 2016 | 0 Comments

Lean IT is all about flattening applications organizations, as applications leaders are:

  • Eliminating management slots and thus cutting overhead by
  • Moving specialist staff roles into product-focused agile teams, while
  • Transforming these people into accountable team members and
  • Fostering the cultural change to customer-focused accountability through Design Thinking.

Are you facing the challenge of delivering more software value and business impact for less? Gartner recently published our latest research advice on this topic, Flattening the Application Organization — Everyone Must Be Part of the Agile Value Stream. These are the top findings and recommendations from this research:flattening-impact-appraisal

Within the research you’ll find specific guidance on how and why to apply these recommendations in your organization, informed by Gartner’s engagement with hundreds of firms at various stages in achieving Lean IT. Implementing Lean IT is a challenging journey, with many potential obstacles – but it’s worth the effort. Other recent research relevant to organizations that are on this journey includes:

Gartner has published many other research notes in this topic area, and you can expect to see a great deal more research from us as we see the agile “continuous improvement” mindset generate ongoing innovation in software delivery.

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