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Social Media is as important to your business as sales strategy and logistics.

by Michael Maoz  |  October 17, 2012

In Primary School you may have sat next to the class chatterbox, the babbling font of intransitives garbled, gargled and machine-gun rapid. That kid has grown up, and she’s now sitting behind you on a flight that has not taken off. She has her camera going and she is speaking to her boyfriend Shawn about […]

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When CIOs find their inner Felix Baumgartner.

by Michael Maoz  |  October 16, 2012

Next year at this time the supersonic leap from space will be remembered, while (unprompted) the name Felix Baumgartner will disappear. The huge team of engineers that made this possible is already unknown. The folks from David Clark who made his crazily-complex suit are unknown to begin with. They made this man’s life sustainable with […]

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Is it such an Open World when good Social and CRM data are so rare?

by Michael Maoz  |  October 2, 2012

Oracle OpenWorld ( is happening right now. Wednesday through Friday are the big days for CRM practitioners, when the Oracle Customer Experience Summit will get going over at the St. Francis. Oracle also has the Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service Knowledge Zone for partners working on their systems.   The Dynamics CRM User Group ( is meeting […]

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