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Under the long white cloud (aka New Zealand)

By Michael Warrilow | March 27, 2013 | 0 Comments

On March 19 and 20 I had the honour and privilege to take part in the Gartner Infrastructure Operations and Data Centre Summit in Sydney.

This provided me, the new and preppy Gartner analyst, with the opportunity to participate in a range of different session types. My duties ranged from a small role in one part of the keynote through to a roundtable, workshop and two of the sessions. One such session was on IT Cost Optimisation, and derived from analysis done by fellow analyst Jay Pultz. The premise being:

IT organisations have the potential to reduce Infrastructure and Operations costs by up to 25%

The session explored, in detail, several of the initiatives that could assist in this endeavour. Now here comes the rub …

At the conclusion of the session, two attendees from New Zealand asked what else they could do to optimise cost as they had already completed all of the initiatives shown in the presentation!

This example epitomises the ‘can do’ approach common in New Zealand IT today (and for at least the last one to two decades). It is born from necessity — often the mother of invention — as well as from a need to cross-skill due to geographical separation and a relatively small labour market. My career to date has shown New Zealand to have some of the most cross-skilled and savvy IT professionals in the industry.

Now, don’t get me wrong, none of this reduces the value of IT Cost Optimisation … or of good research. What it shows is that better research comes from having a broad perspective (including geographic).

Source: xkcd (profanity removed), used under a Creative Commons license

PS – Note well that New Zealanders and Australians are healthy rivals so, as an Australian, that only strengthens the validity of my comments.

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