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Private cloud’s biggest challenges: results from Symposium Gold Coast 2015

By Michael Warrilow | October 28, 2015 | 0 Comments

As I type this second blog, it’s still a few hours before the final day of Symposium Gold Coast 2015. I’ve been honoured to have a range of interactions on cloud strategy, cloud challenges … and some cloud (as well as virtualisation) successes! It’s been a great event.

One of my sessions was titled “Making Private and Hybrid cloud work”. That’s an interesting title, I thought … and more than enough topic(s) for one session. During my sessions, I’ve been using interactive polling. I find this a great way to get a little more accuracy (and anonymity) than raising of hands.

Of particular interest, the challenges noted by this audience are slightly different to those Gartner has found elsewhere.

As promised, I am sharing the results … noting these are skewed^ … but that’s actually what makes them interesting.

biggest challenges in creating a private cloud computing service
Question: What is your biggest challenges in creating a private cloud computing service? (n=68-82, October 2015, Symposium Gold Coast)

There was consistency, with other identical Gartner polling results, regarding the biggest two challenges (namely process, culture challenges). But , the challenges related to technology and politics were higher among these respondents. Given that Australian and New Zealand organisations have been ahead of the curve with server virtualisation — and that’s a common on-ramp to private cloud — it sends an interesting message that there’s an even greater range of challenges with successful private cloud adoption … and that the technology available isn’t / hasn’t helped. In other countries, particularly North America, technology has generally been considered the least of the challenges.

Moreover, what this polling result suggests is that technology is considered a bigger part of the challenge by this audience.

Private cloud is hard — this adds more fuel to that set of challenges, in my humble / blogger’s opinion. In fact, it always has been hard, but it does have its place nonetheless.

[insert small sales plug] Gartner clients can, of course, ask how to address these challenges. [end plug].

I hope you find these results of value.


^ I say the results are skewed because:

  1. All respondents are self-selecting (to attend a session on private and hybrid cloud, and to participate)
  2. Results are primarily – but not exclusively – Australian and New Zealand attendees
  3. We need to take the results at face value; there’s no independent verification
  4. The sample size is 68 – 82  respondents (biggest challenge, second biggest challenge respectively)

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