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Public cloud IaaS usage: results from Symposium Gold Coast 2015

By Michael Warrilow | October 28, 2015 | 2 Comments


As I type this, it’s a few hours before the final day of Symposium Gold Coast 2015. I’ve been honoured to have a range of interactions on cloud strategy, cloud challenges … and some cloud (as well as virtualisation) successes! It’s been a great event,

During my sessions, I’ve been using interactive polling. I find this a great way to get a little more accuracy (and anonymity) than raising of hands.

As promised, I am sharing the results … noting these are skewed^ … but that’s actually what makes them interesting.

Below are the polling results for my question of use of public cloud IaaS.

Survey result: Is your organisation using public cloud IaaS? 76% using, to various degrees
Question: “Is your organisation using public cloud IaaS?” (n=95, October 2015, Symposium Gold Coast).


This fits with the pattern of later-start, faster-adoption of public cloud IaaS I’ve seen in Australia / New Zealand since ~2014. It also contrasts starkly with the (broader, statistically-valid survey results from ABS). Of particular note, this more aggressive adoption has it’s own set of challenges …

[insert small sales plug] Gartner clients can, of course, ask how to avoid these challenges. [end plug].

I hope you find these results of value.


^ I say the results are skewed because:

  1. All respondents are self-selecting (to attend a session on private and hybrid cloud, and to participate)
  2. Results are primarily – but not exclusively – Australian and New Zealand attendees
  3. We need to take the results at face value; there’s no independent verification
  4. The sample size is  95 respondents in this case
  5. Most respondents are likely to be enterprise-scale, which is particularly relevant to the results from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2015 survey

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  • Tim says:

    That is interesting. Every large Australian enterprise I’ve talked to uses the public cloud in multiple deployments, and I’m surprised at the large number that said otherwise in your survey.

    I wonder if some bias is introduced by the ‘private & hybrid cloud’ talk topic. Maybe higher proportion of customers who have security & privacy concerns with the public cloud.

    • Michael Warrilow says:

      Thanks for the comment Tim.

      It’s a matter of relativity methinks … that was a very large number relative to what we see globally for enterprise usage right now.
      Moreover, relative to the ABS survey, it is verrrrrrrrrrrrry large.